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... to help you and all others who love songwriting.

These links provide the doorway to a vast wealth of songwriting information ... a treasure house of valuable references !!

amazon.com We have recently added this link to Amazon.com. With over 2.5 million titles in their catalog, you're sure to find the books, song sheets or references that you're looking for.

Our believing
is that you find the information
that you are seeking,
and gain all that you desire to know.

In this life, we all need every bit
of help that we can get.
We hope this information will make your
life a little easier.

Bobby Pizazz
(615) 545-7355
Nashville, Tennessee

Musicians' Showcase

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{Lorna Greenwood}
Lorna Greenwood

Earth-bound angel that plays an amazing violin

{Steve Arvey}
Steve Arvey

A blues singer / guitar player from Chicago

{Craig Erickson Blues Site}
Craig Erickson Blues site

An experienced man-of-the-blues-world and his band.
Check out some very dynamite Craig Erickson rare tracks.

{Bobby Pizazz}
Bobby Pizazz

Some of my own stuff ...

Nashville Publishers Network
Nashville Publishers Network

...dedicated to promoting members’ songs worldwide

{Blue Highway}
The Blue Highway

"The history of the blues is more than a musical chronology.
The blues was born the day the West African shoreline fell from the horizon.
It was raised amid the institutionalized savagery of the Deep South
and flourished in the dark heart of America's largest cities.
We owe the blues to those who bore the pain of enslavement
behind the frightful shadows of our collective soul.
The Blue Highway, then, is dedicated to the men and women who traveled
beyond our ignorant place, and to those who could not."


Artists' Performing Rights

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ASCAP logo
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

License Finder

BMI logo

Broadcast Music, Inc.

SESAC logo

... a performing rights organization, with headquarters in
Nashville and offices in New York and London.

Legal Resources

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{U.S. Copyright Office}
United States Copyright Office

The Library of Congress

{Cornell Law School}
Cornell Law School

The Legal Information Institute,
a research activity of the Cornell Law School

Title 17 - Copyrights Information

{Performing Right Society}
The Performing Right Society

{National Music Publisher's Association}
National Music Publisher's Association, Inc.

{Kohn On Music Publishing}
Kohn On Music Publishing

{The Copyright Website}
The Copyright Website

General Resources
Artists' Support Agencies

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Lyric Lee's Studio
Lee Miller, Songwriter

"Need a good HOOK?? Lee Miller ... offers her talents in songwriting
and is dedicated to serving talented artists with her original lyrics and song collaboration."

Music Makers
Online Magazine from Valley Music

"Dedicated to Songwriters, Musicians & Music Lovers"
Featured Artist - Bobby Pizazz

{The Music Review}
The Music Review

The Music Industry Search Engine

{Music, The Universal Language}
Music, The Universal Language!

A music educator's web site


interviews, music, and more ...


On-Line Resource for Music Enthusiasts

{Recording Magazine}
Recording Magazine

{Singer-Songwriter Directory}
Singer-Songwriter Directory

Search by Blues
Search by all genres

{WorldWide Recordings}
WorldWide Recordings Music Search

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{National Academy of Songwriters}
National Academy of Songwriters


{SongLink International}
SongLink International

... now in its fourth year of providing the most up-to-date and
accurate "who's looking" information to music publishers and songwriters ...

UNISONG: Passport For A Musical Planet

International Songwriters Resource

{Mac Music}
Mac Music: Music, Audio & Midi on Macintosh

MacMusic, the Mac user’s first choice site for music and digital audio.

{National Music Foundation}
National Music Foundation

{The Recording Academy}
The Recording Academy

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{Blues Foundation}
The Blues Foundation

{American Music Center}
American Music Center


Music Hardware and Software

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{Event Electronics}
Event Electronics Audio Equipment

for professional musicians and recording facilities

{{Mackie Design, Inc.}
Mackie Design, Inc. - Pro Audio Systems

Cakewalk Music Software


Syntrillium Music Software



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{Martin Guitars}
Martin Guitars

{Gibson Musical Instruments}
Gibson Musical Instruments

Fender Guitars and Amps

Taylor Guitars
Taylor Quality Guitars

Record Labels,
Distributors and
Recording Studios

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Mike Moore Productions
Full 24 Track Digital Multitrack Recording Services

{Star Light Studio}
Star Light Studio

A Digital Recording Studio
based out of Staten Island, NY

{LST Muzic}
LST Muzic

... a recording production site with main appeal
to indie labels and sincere artists

*** A very excellent site !! ***

Pandamonium Records
Pandamonium Records

An independent record label and distribution service

{Fame Recording Studios}
Fame Recording Studios

MIDI and WAV Downloads

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the best of alt.binaries.sounds.midi

Have something you want to add?
Just drop us a note.

Bobby Pizazz's Home Page

God bless and have a prosperous day!!
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